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Prodige Processing, Inc.

Founded in 2010, Prodige Processing, Inc. is a family owned and operated company comprised of three different branches of business; Computer & Electronics Collecting, Hotel Liquidation, and Grocery & General Merchandise, that has grown from a few people working a small operation to a booming corporation working with hundreds of businesses and schools all over the Midwest.

Responsible companies today are “going green”, and Prodige Processing, Inc. is dedicated to helping you be green for the good of our planet and the prosperity of future generations. Our company has always employed practices that prevent hundreds of thousands of pounds of product from ending up in landfills. We strive to put computer equipment back into reuse whenever possible, repurpose furniture rather than just dumping older items, and purchase groceries destined for dumpsters that are perfectly good for consumption. In all of our divisions, Prodige Processing, Inc. works hard to make use of good products in order to provide a greener solution, benefiting all. 

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